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Staff Bios

Aaron DaminiAaron Damini

Aaron graduated with honours from Queen's University School of Physical Therapy in 1997 and has been practising in the Vernon area since this time. Aaron bought Link Physical Therapy from long time Vernon practitioner, Gary Link in 2001. Having a keen interest in sports, Aaron has been the physiotherapist for the Vernon Viper's Hockey Team since 1998 and has also helped the senior lacrosse team. Aaron is very active within the profession and is continually taking courses on new techniques. He is certified in acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute and is also certified in Kinesiotaping.

Dason SparlingDason Sparling

Dason Sparling graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999. He spent his first 10 years in Saskatoon and Calgary working in sport physiotherapy clinics. Then in 2009 he, his wife and son moved here to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle.

Dason enjoys the challenge of treating all types of musculoskeletal injuries such as sports injuries (whether it be a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete) chronic pain and postural dysfunction. He has taken extensive courses in manual therapy. As well he is certified in acupuncture and kinesio taping. He continues to regularly participate in courses to ensure that he is offering the best possible services to his clients. His goal is to get you back to doing what you like to do as quickly as possible, while ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to keep it that way.

Lana BengeLana Benge

Lana Benge graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in April of 2000, with her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. After a combination of hospital and private practice experience, she joined Damini Physiotherapy in 2002.

Lana has completed an extensive series of courses under Diane Lee and LJ Lee, which emphasize total body assessments, which determine the root faulty muscle pattern that is causing pain and/or dysfunction. Movement guiding techniques allow patients to experience function with less pain and increased strength, balance, stability and performance. This is followed by treatment to release tension in overactive muscles, stretch tight joints, and retrain movement patterns. Under this training, Lana has earned the title of an Intersystems Model Practitioner.

Lana is also certified in the treatment of vestibular disorders causing vertigo, dizziness and/or balance difficulties. Her other post-graduate studies include manual therapy and taping technique courses, as well as sport related and core stability courses. Lana is passionate about postpartum care and has completed additional courses regarding safely restoring abdominal strength, and relieving chronic pain after having a baby.

Lana has personal and professional experience in a variety of sports including swimming, dance, rock climbing, waterskiing, downhill and cross-country skiing. She is passionate about analyzing movement control during specific sport or work related movements. She is known to take the assessment off-site when needed; to the gym, workplace, pool, lake and beyond.

Originally born in Alberta, Lana spent the majority of her childhood years in the Okanagan. She has been married since 1997, and has 2 happy baby boys.

Meheshi FernandoMaheshi Fernando

Maheshi Fernando graduated from the University of Alberta in October of 2013, with her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. She returned to her hometown and joined Damini Physiotherapy in January 2014.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Maheshi and her family moved to Vernon in May 1998. She completed her elementary school education at St. James Catholic School and her high school education at Clarence Fulton Secondary. She then moved to Vancouver to complete her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia. She spent the last two years in Edmonton completing her Masters. Although she enjoyed her time in big cities, she always wanted to return home to Vernon.

Maheshi enjoys treating patients of all ages and takes pride in returning her patients to their previous level of function and independence. She strives to provide the best patient-centered care possible, incorporating patient values and the best available evidence. She believes that an active lifestyle is the key to preventing many illnesses and maintaining overall health and well-being.

In her spare time, Maheshi enjoys watching the Canucks, going to the gym, reading, cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

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